Pocket Clean Up Pads

Pocket Clean Up Pads - Case 804
Pocket Clean Up Pads - Case 804


Pocket Clean-Up Pads allow for quick and easy clean-up of small spills. Each 4.5" x 8" pad can absorb up to 12 ounces of water-based liquid and a small amount of oil-based liquid. They are lightweight and will easily fit in a vest or uniform pocket. Now, when a small spill is spotted, there is no need to worry about having enough paper towels or having to leave the spill to get something to clean it up, therefore reducing the opportunity of a potentially liable slip and fall accident to occur.

Just drop the pad directly on the spill, wait a few seconds, and lift the pad to see if the spill has been removed. In some cases, the pad can be used like a sponge to clean up any residue until the spilled liquid is completely removed. Then simply discard in a waste receptacle.

Case of 804 Clean Up Pads. (10 lbs)

Price: $79.00